New Garnier SkinActive- Honey Flower //Review!

Good after noon everyone! It’s almost 9pm here in Ireland and I just cleaned my face and thought I’d to a little review on some skin care products I recently bought. So I’ve been using these for about 3 months now and it’s my favourite skin care range I have ever tried! If you suffer from dry skin this is perfect for you! 

Face wash; 

The face wash is so refreshing and immediately after using it you can tell it worked. My face looked so much cleaner, healthier and more hydrated and felt amazing! Also, this range smells amazing! Just like honey! 


This is so good if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to use the face wash. It’s so creamy and isn’t heavy on the face at all and leaves your skin feeling so smooth and hydrated. I would recommend shaking the bottle before every use. Also, a little goes a long way! 


I love this! Probably my favourite product from this range. You only need a tiny drop of this and it’ll do your whole face! After using it you get a sticky feeling on your face so when you use moisturiser it’ll definitely stick and last all day! Also great before applying makeup! I’ve noticed such a huge difference with my skin! It’s less bumpy and it’s almost always smooth! 


This moisturiser is amazing! It is a little thick but you can’t feel it on your face at all! It soaks right in and leaves your face so smooth, glowing and hydrated! 


I’m honestly not sure if the wipes belong to this range but the packaging is the same and it smells the same but these are so handy for refreshing your face during the day and giving it a little clean! They also leave a really nice glow and feel to the skin too! 
Well there you guys go! Everything in this range is under €6 each and is currently on sale in Boots! So if you’re looking for some new skin care I would highly recommend this range! So affordable, so good and smells amazing! 

Let me know if you have used any of these and did they work for you?? 

Until next time… 

Lauren xx 


How much does all my makeup cost?? 

Good evening everyone! It feels so good to be blogging again I’ve missed it so much! Today’s one is exciting because I added up every single makeup item I own, priced it and added it altogether! This took me roughly a little over an hour to do everything. I am shook at the price to be honest! 

Also a few days ago I received the stunning 35B Morphe palette, so if you want to see a Pride inspired makeup look go check out my Instagram ‘LaurenKellyMakeup’. 😊

So if  you want to see  what makeup items I have, how much each item costs and how much everything costs together then keep on scrolling! Enjoy x 






35P- €150

9N – free 

Smile- $29

Koko K – $29

Kristen- $29

Smooch- $30

Burgundy Palette- $40

Modern Renaissance- $42

Moonchild- $40

Brow Promade- €18



1st Base




Mars -$42

Highlight- strapped $8
Jeffree Star- 

Daddy- €19

Eclipse- €30 

Chrysanthemum- €13 

Prep and prime- €10 

Warm rose highlight- €30

Ruby Woo- €17

Pretty please- €17

Persistence- €17

Gal Friday- €17

Dusky rose x9- €40
Urban Decay

Heavy Metal- distortion- €19

Chill setting spray- €24 

Naked 2,3, smokey- €120 

77 gel eyeliner- €15 

Duraline- €10 

Amc foundation- €24 

49/50 body sparkles- €30 

Contouring&Blush palette(x2)- €30 

Highlighting palette Solstice- €15 

Eyeshadow palette- €15 

Bubble Gun lip scrub- €2.50

Kiss Proof Liquid Lipstick- €4 

Ps lip duo x2- €6

Lip liners x3- €4.50 

Eye lose pigments- €7.50

X3 highlighting powders- €10.50 

Eyeliner corrector pen x2- €2 

Clear lipgloss- €1

Holographic lipgloss- €2 

Strobe cream- €4

Lipsticks x8- €16 

Cotton candy palette- €8 

Prism palette- €6

Brush cleaning spray- €2.50

Dry brush cleaner- €2.50

Ultra shine lipgloss- €4

Glitters- €4
Makeup Revolution 

Redemption palette iconic 3- €7

Blush palette- €11 

Brow palette- €11

Colour corrector palette- €11 

Redemption palette- €7 

Concealer palette- €11 

Cream contour palette- €11 

Baked highlighter- €5

Triple baked highlighter- €6 

Triple baked blush- €6 

Christmas makeup calendar- €60 

Pro HD brow palette- €15 

Brow Promade x2- €15 

Nude illusion loose powder- €7

Even skin tone foundation- €10 

Liquid camouflage concealer x3- €13.50 

Cream concealer- €4 

Glow highlight- €6 

Prime and fine primer x2- €12 

Eyeshadow primer- €5 

Fixing powder- €6 

Lash princess mascara x2- €7

Volume stylist- €3.50

Rock n’ Doll- €3.50 

1 💗 extreme- €3.50

False lash- €3.50 

Velvet matte- €3 

‘All you need is red’ lipstick- €3 

‘Get the look’ -€3

Make me brow -€3.50 

107 eyeliner -€2.50 

101 pencil liner- €2 

Volumeyes -€4

Glitter mascara- €3.50 

Luxurious lashes- €4

Glitter eyeliner- €3

14, 60, 61 Eyeshadows- €14 

Eyeshadow holder- €6 

Lip pencil- €4

Lipsticks x2- €12 
Random bits 

La girl concealer- €5 

Benefit pore fessional- €15 

L’Oréal true match foundation x2- €15 

Rimmel lasting finish- €10

Wet n’wild pressed powder- €5

Rimmel wake me up mascara- €9 

Brow this way- €3 

Rimmel super curler- €8 

NYC city curled- €7 

Collection concealer- €4

Rimmel loose powder- €6 

No.7 foundation- €16 

W7 mascara and eyeliner- €15 

Hide the blemish concealer- €2

L’Oréal mascara and eyeliner- €15 

Rimmel lip liner- €5 

Super volume- €6 

W7 brow parlour- €12 

Seventeen bronzer- €8 

Wet n’wild contour palette- €8

Wet n’wild blush-€3 

Seventeen contour palette-€8

Fushia contour/highlight set- €10 

Wet n’wild single glitter x3- €6

Glitter express- €20 

Fushia eye shimmer- €5

Rimmel lipstick- €7 

So su me highlight palette- €30 

Wet n’wild bronzer- €6 

And that’s everything I own and altogether is costs a massive 1289.50!! 

Also this is not including  my brushes or the new kylie vacation collection I’m waiting on which I will have a  blog post about when it arrives! So keep an eye out for that! 

Did you add up how much your makeup cost? Let me know in the comments! 

Until next time.. 

Lauren xx 

New Primark Makeup! Cotton Candy// Review

Hey everyone! A lot has happened in the past week, last Tuesday and Wednesday I did my final makeup exams! I think they went really well in my opinion. I just have to wait for my results to come and hopefully I’ll pass them. 

Anyways as you can tell by the title I will be reviewing the brand now cotton candy Primark makeup collection. Can I just say that the packaging is so stunning? Anything pink I’m immediately drawn to! I didn’t get the whole collection so this is part 1, hopefully part 2 will be up next weekend! 

So let’s get into it! 


This palette is everything! The first 2 swatches are the round highlighters, the pink one has me shook to be honest it’s so pigmented. Also the 3 Eyeshadows feel so creamy and buttery and so smooth. I can’t wait to play with this honestly! I also love the mini liquid lipstick you get I love the colour! Again so pigmented and such a pretty colour. This was €8.

Next is this really deep brown matte lipstick. It has a red undertone but looks so cool. I’ve been obsessed with brown lipsticks lately! Like all the PS lipsticks this is so pigmented and creamy and feels so comfortable on the lips. This was only €2.50. 

This is probably my favourite from everything, this eye shadow pigment is so pretty and pink and girly I love it! It was hard to get a picture of the swatch but you can kind of see it and I’m in love honestly. This was €2.50. 

So that’s everything I got from the collection I only picked up a few stuff incase I didn’t like anything but so far I’m highly impressed and will 100% be getting the rest of the collection and more of that pigment to stock up! 

Penneys makeup is so underrated, it’s so affordable, so creative and there’s lots of stuff to chose from. If you haven’t tried anything you need to honestly the quality is so good for the price. I’m obsessed with the range! 

Until next time… 

Lauren xx 

Huge Makeup Haul! 

Hey everyone! I’m baaaack! So sorry I haven’t posted in ages but last week I went on holidays and only came back yesterday night! And before that I had no time to post because I was so busy with my makeup course and doing my portfolio! 

Anyways while I was on holidays in Lanzarote I pretty much spent my money on makeup. This Haul will range from brands such as Mac, Kiko, Urban Decay and the Jeffree Star and Manny Mua collection! So keep scrolling to see what I got! 

So let’s start with lip stuff. First up are these 3 lipsticks from Mac. (From left to right) Pretty Please, Persistance and Ruby Roo. These were €17 in Duty Free in Dublin, usually they are €20 each. My favourite would be Pretty Please simply because it’s a really pretty pearl pink with a pretty shimmer effect. I was disappointed with Ruby Roo it seemed like there was a huge hype about it but as you can see in the picture it wasn’t that pigmented or creamy unlike Pretty Please or Persistence.  Don’t get me wrong the colour is the perfect red but it didn’t live up to the expectations. 

Next is this really pretty champagne colour gloss with pink reflects in it. I think this was €15 I’m not sure. But I think it’s so pretty. It’s called Gal Friday. 

Last of the lip stuff are these Kiko lipsticks in the shade 419 and 401. I got these in a Kiko shop in Lanzarote, I never heard of the brand but I picked up a few things to try and so far I’m really impressed with everything. These lipsticks are super creamy and feel so nice on the lips. These were only €4 also! 

Next up are a few eye stuff. The white is a Kajal eye pencil, the blue is a liquid eyeliner, isn’t it stunning? I can’t wait to do a wing with it! Follow me on Instagram to see if I do ‘LaurenKellyMakeup’. Lastly the pink is a lip liner which is really creamy and pigmented. All these were only around €3. 

Next are these 3 Eyeshadows I got which are really pigmented and so pretty. These are the shades 60, 61 and 14. These were around €4/€5. These are also by Kiko. 

(From left to right), the first 2 and mascaras, the 3rd is a silver glitter mascara which is so stunning and would be great for a festival look. Last is just a silver glitter eyeliner for only €3/€4, which is so pretty and so affordable. The mascaras were around €5 each. 

Next is something you’re all familiar with. The urban decay setting spray and Mac prep and prime. The setting spray was €21, I haven’t tried it yet but I’m hoping it’s great. The travel size prep and prime was only €10 and smells amazing. This isn’t a setting spray it’s just to prepare your face and when you’re done makeup it’s just to make your makeup pop out more and freshen it up. 

Lastly, is the gorgeous Jeffree Star and Manny Mua collection. I’m sure you know the same but if you don’t the highlighter is called Eclipse and the liquid lipstick Daddy. The highlight is a beautiful icy peach and was €30 and I got it off beauty bay along with Daddy which was €19 and it’s a really pretty cool brown colour. 
So that’s everything I got the past week I can’t wait to try everything on my face! Also I don’t think I’ll be posting makeup looks on this anymore, any makeup looks you want to see will be on my makeup page on Instagram which is ‘LaurenKellyMakeup’ and I post makeup looks around 1 or 2 times a week. 

Also if you have Twitter I set up a page and I’ll be tweeting all blog posts and when I’ll be uploading a blog etc. “LaurenKelMakeup” so make sure you follow me for updates on my blog! 

Until next time… 

Lauren xx 

Top 5 Holy Grail Makeup Brushes! 

Hello everyone! If you read my last post and you’re here because of that thank you! Let’s just get right into this post and keep scrolling to see my top 5 Holy Grail makeup brushes! 

So this is the Real Technique setting brush but I use it for highlighting and blinding everyone. I just think it’s the perfect size for highlight and it picks up a lot of product which is perfect especially for highlight. 

This is another real technique brush and it’s the contour brush and I actually use this for contour. Because there’s so much bristles on this it picks up a lot of product and blends out the contour perfectly and it’s the perfect size also. 

This is the Nima Brush blending brush which is unreal for your transition colour on your crease. It basically does all the work for you and blends shadows amazingly! 

Now, this is the Anastasia Beverly Hills number 12 eyebrow brush BUT… this is a fake. Honestly, I got this for around €2 on eBay but I love it. It looks exactly like the real one, it’s gives me precise lines on my brow and you wouldn’t tell it was fake if you used it. 

In person the bristles on this are about 2 times smaller, it’s such a tiny brush but it’s perfect for getting the sharpest wing ever! I got this in a nail brush set to be honest in Dealz and there’s about 2-3 more small brushes to help get a perfect wing but this is the smallest and works best for me. 

So that’s my top 5 brushes! If you read my 2 posts thank you so much it means a lot! 

Have a great day! 

Lauren xx 

Top 10 Holy Grail Makeup Products! 

Good afternoon everyone! So during the week I reached 100 followers! I honestly never thought I’d reach that amount of followers, I know it’s not a lot but to me it’s more than I thought I would get! So thank you to every single person who followed me, liked my posts and commented! It really means a lot so I thought I would post 2 posts today just because I’m in a good mood! 

So as you can tell by the title this is my top 10 holy grail makeup products that I love and work for me! Also, a few minutes after this post I’ll have up a top 5 holy grail makeup brushes! So make sure you check that out and give a little like! So let’s get right into it! 

This is the Catrice Camouflage cream concealer. This is probably my number one holy grail product. I have a lot of blemishes on my face and I just put this on and they completely vanish and it makes my face look so even and basically the same colour because it reduces the colour of red on my face also and it’s amazing and only under €6. It also doesn’t feel heavy like must cream concealers and doesn’t turn oily or greasy on my face. 

Next is another concealer by the same brand but this is in liquid form. I use this for under my eyes, chin, bridge of the nose and forehead and it just brightens up my face and it’s super high coverage and hides how tired I always am! This is probably my third tube and it’s only around €4. Also it’s so easy to blend and a little goes a long way. 

You all probably recognise this foundation. I only tried this once, only once, EVER and I fell in love straight away. I only got it for my Kit for clients but I tried it to see what the hype was about and it’s great. I have dry skin and usually with foundations over time you can see my dryness come out on my face especially on my cheeks and forehead but this doesn’t at all. For only €10 it’s so hydrating, has amazing coverage, lasts ages and looks flawless on my face. 

I will never use anything else on my brows other than this brow Promade by Anastasia Beverly Hills. It’s my holy grail brow product and I love it. I got this for around €19 on beauty bay. It goes on so smoothly, it’s waterproof and you only need a tiny bit and you’ll do your full brow with it. 

If you know what this is you’ll know why it’s a holy grail product. If you don’t this basically will change your life. This can make shadows into liquids for eyeliner or anything, it helps stick on pigments and glitter on the eye, it can clean up your winged liner if you make a mistake, if any gel products like eyeliner or eyebrow Promade dries up a few drops of this helps bring it back to life! For only €12 I think it’s amazing! Again, a little goes a long way and I constantly use this and barely anything is gone. 

I know a lot of people give out about the Kylie liquid lipsticks but I love them. Especially this shade, it’s the perfect pinky nude for me and I wear it constantly on nights out. It smells amazing, lasts ages and super pigmented. 

Clear lipgloss? Weird thing to have in a holy grail list I know but this is unreal on the lips right before you put on a matte liquid lipstick! It makes the lips looks hydrated and it won’t make the lipstick crack like most matte liquid lipsticks. It also doesn’t feel sticky like most glosses and also this smells amazing and only under €1 from Primark/penneys! 

Ah the Morphe 35O palette. Let me know if you know someone who DOESNT love this palette. Because I can’t think of anyone who isn’t after this bad boy. For only €27 you get 35 super pigmented, super blendable matte and shimmer shades. Out of all the Morphe palettes I have this is my favourite by far. It’s great for smokey eyes or even an everyday eye look. I always reach for this no matter what eye look I’m doing. 

You probably seen this in one of my other posts but this is the SoSu Highlight Palette by Suzanne Jackson which is an Irish beauty blogger. This is €30 and they are all so pigmented and blinding! And I always reach for this especially the bottom left colour which is my favourite. 

Lastly, this is one of essence new mascaras they released a while ago. Every time essence bring out a new mascara I get them no matter what. They are my favourite brand for mascaras and I’ve been using them for years! And I mean about 7-8 years! They are all usually around €3.50 and for me I can’t find a better mascara than essence. 

So they are my top 10 holy grail makeup products! Do you love any of these products? What are your holy grail products! Let me know in the comments! 

Don’t forget to check out my top 5 holy grail makeup brushes! 

Lauren xx 

My Makeup Vanity! 

Hi everyone! Totally forgot to upload this earlier but I’m in bed now and I have time to post this before I go to sleep! First thing, please ignore the messy reflection of my room in the mirror! I really need to clean my room.. 
anyways,  I finally have everything bought, set up and ready to go! I’ve been planning to have this for months! It also took me a lot off saving! Also, quick shoutout to my boyfriend who made everything and set everything up and driving me around hours to get everything! So finally this is… My Makeup Vanity!! 

I know it’s not as special as everyone else’s but for me I love it so much and it’s honestly my happy place and somewhere to relax and pass time. 

I got the table in Argos for almost €100 which isn’t bad at all! It’s just plain white with 3 drawers. The mirror came from IKEA and was €19. It took 2 trips to Dublin to get this because they didn’t have it in stock the first time. Lastly, the light strips were €15 each and the bulbs were 2 for €5 I think. 

They’re all the things in the top 2 drawers. The first one is mainly for skincare and my lipsticks and eventually I’ll have like plastic containers  just to divide Makeup like single Eyeshadows, mascara, pigments etc. 

The next drawer is mostly for my palettes such as Morphe, Kylie Cosmetic stuff, ABH etc because there’s no room on the table, honestly this drawer is worth more than my life. 

These are just some things on my table. I have my cotton pads and makeup remover water. 

I have my holders from IKEA and lidl. I just have my face brushes in one, mascaras in the middle and all my eye brushes in the last one. 

I also have a mirror and a large makeup container with makeup in it I’ll make another post about that. 

So that’s really it! So happy to have it all set up and have a blog about it! 

Let me know what’s your vanity like! 


 Lauren xx