My Morning and Night Skin Care Routine! 

Hello everybody! I thought I would do something a little different today and none makeup related. My morning and night Skin Care Routine! So the top picture is my morning routine and the bottom my nighttime routine. 

Before I use all these products I have a face wash and that’s the La Roche-Posey face wash for oily skin. I find La Roche-Posey products so good and gentle on my face. For my Skin it’s really hard to find face products because I have sensitive skin and sometimes even products for sensitive skin are too harsh for my face. 

But these products I love! So I first use my face wash, then I cleanse my face with the Garnier Softening Cleaning Lotion. This smells so good and leaves my face so smooth and soft. It isn’t harsh at all so I love it! 

Next I tone my face with the Garnier Softening Toner. This tightens my face a bit but leaves my skin so silky smooth. For toning I also use the LaRoche-Posey Effaclar Lotion. I only use this where I feel like my skin has a few spots or imperfects, I wouldn’t use it all over my face. 

Lastly for my morning routine, I just put a little bit of Garnier Essentials Hydrating Day Care Moisturiser. I also put some La Roche-Posey Effacular Duo cream on my spots just to unclog them. 

I have really really dry skin especially on my T-Zone but when I use these products together my skin feels so hydrated. I just need to find a face wash that’s for dry skin and gentle on my face because I’m using one for oily skin at the moment! 

And for my Night Routine I do everything the same except for my moisturiser. I use the Garnier Moisture Bomb, this is Super Recharging and an antioxidant gel-cream for night time only. 

So that’s it for today I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments if you have dry skin and what products you use? I’d love to hear them!😊 Also, if you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Lauren xx 



So as far back as I can remember I’ve always struggled letting my nails grow as I got into a horrible habit of biting them. I went onto eBay and seen I could get 500 clear fake nails for €4! They arrived today and this is the result. I’m so obsessed with how pretty they look. I painted them myself, pink as its my favourite colour and a little bit of glitter! In love! 

Lauren xx