Makeup Revolution Foundation Stick, First Impression!

Hey everyone! It’s summer finally! Here in Ireland we had about 3 days of sun so summer in Ireland is officially over😂

Anyways I tried the new Makeup Revolution 2-3 weeks ago and let’s just say I haven’t used it since. Keep scrolling for the tea👀

Okay first, I used the shade F1 for foundation. It did start separating on my cheek and didn’t really sit well on my face BUT I tried it a second time and okay so it applied great, full coverage but it does look oily if you don’t set it so this foundation wouldn’t suit oily skin. So once I set the foundation with power it looked great, everything was fine with the foundation I loved it. But then the next day, my face broke out so much..

Don’t mind the towel on my head I was just out of the shower😂 but look at my forehead :(( I never ever get spots on my forehead, these were all over my face, it took about 2 days to settle down but it looked horrible and I couldn’t believe it!

So safe to say I won’t be wearing the foundation again even though it did look great.

Okay then I tried shade F10 with the foundation and I was obsessed! I will be trying that again because it looked amazing. I struggle so hard with bronzer and finding the right shade and I loved the effect it gave me. So creamy, so easy to blend and looked amazing. Did I mention these are only like €6??

So as for the concealer, amazing, I loved it, I may need to get the white shade to be my colour but it’s amazing, so full coverage. And only like €4 I think?

Have you tried these? What did you think?

Until next time..

Lauren xx


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