March Favourites!

Hello everyone! It’s been a while… as usual! So I had a lot of new products at the start of March and loved them throughout the month and here we are! So let’s just get into it shall we?

First up is this makeup remover I got from Beauty Bay, for €7.50. I usually use the pink Garnier micellar water but I noticed it really dried out my skin and caused a rash around my cheeks which caused them to be so red the whole time. So I tried this and loved it! Not only does it melt your makeup off it leaves such a soft, hydrating feeling on my skin. It also calmed down my redness too which was great! Would highly recommend! It also smells amazing!

Next up is this face wash I got from Boots. I was really hesitant about this product because the last time I tried a ‘Simple’ product I was allergic. But I said I’d give this a try, it was on sale for €3 so I don’t know the original price. But it’s so good if you have dehydrated skin. Leaves your skin with a healthy glow and feels and looks healthy and hydrated.

So this is a moisturiser I got on Beauty Bay, it basically is suppose to smooth out the texture of your skin. It is pricey, it’s over €20 but so worth it! I’ve been using this right after my Simple face wash throughout the month and my skin on my face changed a lot! It’s more hydrated, more smooth and just looks healthier!

If you’re looking for brushes to do a smokey eye.. these are them! So unreal! I got them because all the big YouTubers rave about these eg MannyMua, James Charles. They’re all definitely €8 or under, so they’re so affordable and such good quality (obviously it’s Morphe).

Next up, it’s this brush cleaner. I got this on the morphe EU website for only €10. It’s amazing! Cleans brushes so quickly and leaves them feels so soft. One thing I do have to say, if your brush has glitter it takes a while for the glitter to come off the brush and also the glitter sticks to the actual soap so takes a while for that to remove too but other than that, unreal.

If you haven’t tried SoSu lashes yet, wya? This style is definitely my favourite that I’ve tried. They look so fluttery and completes every kind of eye look! For only €6 you can reuse them again and again! You can find these in Penney’s/Primark. So so amazing.

So I’ve been using these 2 products together for the past month and I’m obsessed! These two together make my brows look so fluffy and really nice. I usually use the ABH brow promade but I just wanted to try something different and I love! The brow pencil is around €21 and the gel mascara around €4.

How amazing do these look? I put them on last Friday and they’re still going strong on my nails. For only €4.50 you can have nails that could pass for €20 nails. So so pretty. From Penney’s/Primark.

So obviously this isn’t a product but I watched this Series in about 3 days. It’s new on Netflix and it’s so good! Got me hooked straight away! It’s about a girl called Mickey who’s a recovering sex/love addict and an alcoholic and a guy called Gus who’s teaching on a movie set but wants to makes movies but has a difficult time doing so. It’s basically a love story about them two and they go through lots of struggles but it’s honestly so funny and really entertaining as well.

So that’s everything for this March favourites! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products or watched ‘Love’.

Also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram where I post my makeup looks and show you guys my favourite brushes/products! LaurenKellyMakeup 😋

Until next time..

Lauren xx


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