New L’Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths Shampoo// First impressions/Review!

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a really good 2018 so far! So I’ve been MIA for nearly 2 months now simply because I hadn’t a clue what to blog about! I don’t want to fill your feed with boring content and I don’t want to upload a blog for the sake of having something up. BUT..

I recently seen this shampoo on snapchat from one of my local chemist/pharmacy/drug store and what caught my eye is ‘Dream Lengths’. Now, I’m the type of girl who wants really long, shiny, soft hair. Also, whenever I see a new shampoo out that I feel like it would be good for my hair, I need to have it. Also, it’s L’Oreal, my favourite shampoo brand! No other brand can make my hair feel good like a L’Oreal shampoo!

Now, I’ve been struggling with my hair the past few weeks. I was using a shampoo that wasn’t L’Oreal (not sure why I changed, probably was on sale), and it was good at the start and when I got my second bottle my hair just got greasy from it? Even after blow drying my hair was greasy and felt horrible. So I needed a new shampoo!

So I bought it for €3.70, not sure if that was sale price or the original but I thought it was a good price because the bottle is actually huge, like look at it compared to my hand. This will last me ages, which I love!

So I came home and read the back⬇️⬇️

If this isn’t everything I need in a bottle.. then I’m at a loss. My hair is nearly at the end of my back and I have balayage which dried out my hair a lot! I have split ends, they’re dry, I’ve no shine and my hair just feels dead and boring!

So I tried this that night and even washing my hair when it was wet I knew this was a good shampoo, even though my hair was wet I could feel that it was clean and I could tell my hair is going to feel so nice and soft.

So I left my hair in a towel for about an hour while I practised makeup. I started to brush it and my hair takes about 10-15 to brush after the shower because it does be so knotty. It took me not even 5 mins, the brush glided through my hair. Also when blow drying it, it usually takes me 15-20 mins to dry it fully, it took me 10 mins. How amazing! The ends of my hair felt so soft! It was like I just got a hair cut and got my split ends off but I didn’t! It felt so soft and looked so shiny and left an amazing smell even after blow drying it!

Honestly girls if your hair feels dead, has split ends and needs a boost, get this! So affordable, huge bottle and a life saver for me!

Let me know if you’ve tried this or are going to!

Until next time..

Lauren xx


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