Birthday Makeup Haul!

Good evening everybody! Yes I’m late with this.. as usual. I know. I’m sorry! But things arrived late, I had last minutes purchases that I wanted to include but we’re here now! Phew! So my birthday was 10th November and I wanted to treat myself.. a lot. So let’s just get right into this shall we? (Didn’t include pictures of each item individually, because this post would be a mile long!)


The Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette;

The most wanted palette of 2017 I’m guessing! Finally got my hands on this beauty. It cost over €50 from beauty bay and I really wanted it for ages so I bought it for my birthday!! Really treated my self this year. I love this so much! Great pigment and blends beautifully!

Morphe 3502;

Have you caught on that I love Morphe? No? Okay. So this is one of the new palettes they released. I was waiting weeks for beauty bay to stock this but then Morphe announced they have a UK website! No more customs! Yayyy!! So on Black Friday they had 25% off on there website so I basically got free shipping! €28 was not a bad price considering it has 35 unreal shades, great pigmentation and blends like a dream. And do you see the black? Honestly comes out like liner and no fallout! Shook.

Morphe 15D;

The newest member of the Morphe family and my collection (coming soon😏). I think this is so handy for travelling! 15 stunning shades and it’ll fit so snug in your makeup bag! €17. Can’t go wrong! Also this arrived yesterday so I haven’t tried it out yet!


Mac studio fix foundation;

Check out my last post for my thoughts! Love this!

Strobe cream;

Now if you’re reading my posts a while you’ll know I’ve very dry skin. Coming into the winter I need my hydration! So this is so soothing and hydrating on the skin especially when I’m using my Mac foundation since it’s a Matt formula. This is a travel size, €10!


I got this off Browne Thomas website simply because I could not find it in the store anywhere! I got the shade Blankety and it’s a really soft pink nude! So comfortable on the lips. I don’t think it’s a Matt? I can’t remember! €20.


Light Hoola Bronzer;

You need this if you’re a milk bottle like me. I struggled so much finding the right bronzer for me. Because I’m so pale they all looked orange on my skin. Coming into winter I didn’t want to look really bronzed so this is great! Doesn’t give off too much of a bronze look but enough to give shape to your face which is what I love in winter! Can’t remember the price, between €20-30.

Precisely, my brow pencil;

I’ve been loving this lately! So easy when you don’t want mad dark brows. I just run this threw my brow so give it shape and colour. Use this mostly going to work. Around €20.



This is one of inglots many diy palettes they do. I got the 4 slot one (€12) and so far I have a bronzer (€10)and a highlight(€10). I mostly use this on clients and will fill the other 2 slots with a cool toned bronzer and a blush. So handy instead of carrying around 4 things on your kit.

Sparkle dust;

You honestly need one of these. I believe they are €20 and come in 6 shades. I have 01 and it like a rose gold really fine loose and light glitter. This can be used on the eyes, face and body. Love this for inner highlight on my eyes! Blinding for highlight and stunning for the eyes! A must in any kit!

Jeffree Star;

I looove his liquid lipsticks! I have 6 so far and they are all so comfortable on the lips, dries Matt but still feel so light! This month I got Red Rum, a stunning true red, Celebrity Skin, a cool nude, Mannequin a little darker but stunning, and Drug Lord, a pure white, perfect for lightening colours or liner.



So blinding! Around €15 I think. I got it off beauty bay and I love it! Always use this when I’m wearing orange and golds on the eyes.

Lip topper;

Wanted it, needed it so I got it! Around €15 again and this goes with any colour on the lips! So glittery, shiny, not sticky and so comfortable to wear.

Random bits and pieces;

Nyx liner;

Always wanted this liner! Was sold out in the shop so I got this along with my benefit stuff off cult beauty. Around €8. So affordable! It is difficult to work with. I would rather use Jeffrees liquid lipstick but I still use it!

Ofra Highlighter;

I believe this is Nikkie Tutorials highlight in ‘glazed doughnut’. Around €30 on beauty bay. Honestly, this is so intense and so blinding. When you see her using it on her channel it isn’t photo shop or the camera doing it it’s honestly crazy how blinding this is. Well worth €30!

La Girl Concealer;

This is my 2nd tube of this stuff. I mostly use it on clients because it’s too dark for my skin. But I would use it on myself for cut creases or carving out my brow. Around €5 on beauty bay. So affordable! And build able coverage.

Congratulations if you’ve made it this far! Honestly don’t expect anyone to read every word but if you did thank you so so much! I don’t always spent this much money on makeup but I’ve wanted all these for so long and it was my birthday month and maybe I did go over board but who cares! You only turn 20 once! 😉

Snapchat; laurenkmakeup

Insta; LaurenKellyMakeup

Until next time…

Lauren xx


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