Tips on how to wear Mac Studio Fix with dry/flaky skin!

Good evening everyone! It’s been a while… how is everyone doing?

So the 10th of November was my birthday, the following day I went shopping in Dublin for makeup. I bought this beauty for €30, and let me just say to buy the pump it’s an extra €10… if you’re buying a foundation that much it should have a pump..just saying. Anyways! I went to wear it and it was a disaster… I got the shade nw10 which is a pink/cool toned shade and I’m used to warm toned. My concealer is also yellow/warm toned so there was pink and yellow tones all on my face… attractive. But… that’s not the worst part. It was cakey, it showed every dry patch on my face, it built up around my chin and nose and it was just a mess on my face!

So I gave it a second chance trying some things out before applying and it worked wonders. These tips made the foundation settle so flawless on my skin! My favourite foundation at the moment!

So if you have dry, flaky skin like me or just can’t wear a matte foundation… you better keep reading!

1. Prepare your skin!

This is probably the most important step applying any foundation! You need to have a clean face! Always!

A trick I use is to wet your hands, grab some brown or white sugar and massage your face. Now don’t scrub your face just gently, you don’t want to damage your skin! Honestly it sounds weird but this instantly removes all dry, dead and flaky skin. It leaves your skin so smooth and even and foundation ready! I do this either the night before I’m going to wear makeup or in the morning on the day of, it’s up to you.

Remove with warm water so it dissolves away and wash your face with a hydrating face wash, or which ever works best with you! Follow up with some toning and moisturising and you’re all good to go!

2. Primer/Strobing

So about 5/10 mins I would start priming or strobing my face. What worked best I found is a hydrating primer, either cream or a spray. Prep and prime by Mac works, or the illuminating primer by Catrice which is only €6! Or whichever one you use!

Placing some strobe cream where you get dry patches works wonders too!

After that, you’re set! I use my real techniques beauty sponge to apply this foundation which works best for me. You might use a brush which is fine!

Let me know if any of these tricks work! It doesn’t have to be this exact foundation, it can be any that’s making your face look dry!

Just pointing out that these tricks work wonders for me, it mightn’t be for everyone but maybe for some it might!

Also, after the 25th of November I will have a blog about all the make I got in November, which includes brands.. Mac, inglot, Kat Von D, Nyx, Jeffree Star, Morphe, Benefit and more!(maybe) 😏

So that’s all for me hope you enjoyed, again let me know if they worked!

Until next time…

Lauren xx


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