New Garnier SkinActive- Honey Flower //Review!

Good after noon everyone! It’s almost 9pm here in Ireland and I just cleaned my face and thought I’d to a little review on some skin care products I recently bought. So I’ve been using these for about 3 months now and it’s my favourite skin care range I have ever tried! If you suffer from dry skin this is perfect for you! 

Face wash; 

The face wash is so refreshing and immediately after using it you can tell it worked. My face looked so much cleaner, healthier and more hydrated and felt amazing! Also, this range smells amazing! Just like honey! 


This is so good if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to use the face wash. It’s so creamy and isn’t heavy on the face at all and leaves your skin feeling so smooth and hydrated. I would recommend shaking the bottle before every use. Also, a little goes a long way! 


I love this! Probably my favourite product from this range. You only need a tiny drop of this and it’ll do your whole face! After using it you get a sticky feeling on your face so when you use moisturiser it’ll definitely stick and last all day! Also great before applying makeup! I’ve noticed such a huge difference with my skin! It’s less bumpy and it’s almost always smooth! 


This moisturiser is amazing! It is a little thick but you can’t feel it on your face at all! It soaks right in and leaves your face so smooth, glowing and hydrated! 


I’m honestly not sure if the wipes belong to this range but the packaging is the same and it smells the same but these are so handy for refreshing your face during the day and giving it a little clean! They also leave a really nice glow and feel to the skin too! 
Well there you guys go! Everything in this range is under €6 each and is currently on sale in Boots! So if you’re looking for some new skin care I would highly recommend this range! So affordable, so good and smells amazing! 

Let me know if you have used any of these and did they work for you?? 

Until next time… 

Lauren xx 


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