Disappointing MAC products!

Good afternoon everybody! Sorry it’s been a whole month! I just haven’t had a clue what to post! I don’t want to be them bloggers who post about 3/4 times a week with small boring blogs I want to post whenever I have something good to blog about even if it’s a few weeks or sometimes I could have 2 really good posts in a week.. you can never know with me! 

Anyways I’ve always wanted to buy Mac but never had the money so when the chance came I bought some things that looked good and everyone loved obviously! But they were probably even definitely the worst products I ever bought! Just keep scrolling and you’ll see what I’m talking about… ☹️😪 

Okay first up, probably one of the most loved red lipstick out there! But for me.. nope! As you can see the swatch is so dry looking, so blotchy and uneven! For €17 I was gutted! Also look how creamy the essence lipstick is for only less than €3! Perfect dupe! 

Next up, what I thought would be a gorgeous highlighter was the worst sadly! I wanted to love this so much but it’s so chalky and powdery and there’s no pigment at all! I would of taken a pic of a swatch but nothing came up on my hand! This was over €30 and it’s just sitting in my drawer.. if I’m using it wrong or if it works for anyone please tell me! 

Lastly is one of there x9 palette. It looks stunning, the colours are fab and it’s so cute for travelling but it’s the size of my palm and for €40 for a tiny thing with 0 pigment.. I’m lost for words. How can they bring out a tiny €40 palette with no pigment? How can they be happy with putting this on the shelve selling it to be people? I’m shook. Never been more disappointed! 

So there you guys go! Now I didn’t make this to bash Mac! Some of there stuff I love! I have lipsticks that are unreal, I have glosses and primers. I’m just telling you guys as a heads up what didn’t work for me so you’ll know what to buy/what not to buy! 

If any of these worked for you let me know! 

Until next time… 

Lauren xx 


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