Penneys/Primark Hits&Misses! Part 2, 

Good after noon or good morning where ever you are in the world! I’m currently back from work for today so decided to chill out and write this blog post. I loved doing my  last post about penneys hits and misses. I find since I buy lots of penneys makeup and beauty products that I might as well start a series almost like on my blog about  all the best and worst things I find while shopping, just to help you guys out because people can be weary about penneys products since they’re so cheap but I love them. I always find that I have more hits than misses but they’re stil fun to do. 

Soif you want to see my hits and my misses… then keep on scrolling! Enjoy x 


Okay first uphas to be this pressed powder for only €2.50! This has been out for ages but I only got it 2/3 weeks ago because they never had the shade ‘light’ in stock. Which I needed because us Irish people are like ghosts! Especially me. So I heard a few people rave about this so I decided why not try it for €2.50? And I love it! It’s so good for under the eyes and setting concealer it just gives a blurred like effect and makes your skin look flawless! Defiantly stocking up on this! 

Next up is a new product that has hit the shelves recently. This is a liquid primer which I thought was so cool because I usually use creams even on clients. What caught my eye was the word ‘hydrates’ which I love because it means this would be perfect for dry skin which I suffer from. This was only €3 and you do get a lot of product because only a little amount sprayed out and it really does help makeup stay on. Defiantly recommend. 

Next is another hydrating spray, I just use this anytime like randomly just spray myself when my skin feels dry throughout the day especially being outside with the weather changing a lot now here. It smells so good to, there’s a slight rose smell and it’s lovely for freshening up. As you can see only €2.50 as well! It leaves a really nice glow to your face too.

Next up is this gorgeous deep red super matte liquid lipstick. I almost 100% sure this was €2.50. Even though it says super matte it doesn’t feel very drying it just feels comfortable on the lips and looks stunning. So if you’re looking for a nice red but don’t want to spend a fortune, get this!

I love this! This truely is kiss proof (trust me). It’s a gorgeous dark purple/grey/brown colour I can’t describe it exactly but it’s fab on! This is in the shade ‘shadow’ and was only €4! It’s not drying, like the other one it feels so comfortable and smells like chocolate! 

I wasn’t sure about this when I picked it up but I used it for the first time last week and it’s so good. It really helps to brighten up the under eye area and a little goes a long way. This is also great for putting on the lid of your eye before any eyeshadow just to help the shadows blend. Can’t go wrong for €2.50! 

Don’t think I ever reviewed or talked about perfume before.. oh well first for everything! This little thing was only €2.50 and it’s so cute! Perfect for having it in your bag or for traveling! Smells so fresh too and they have lots to chose from. 

Last thing for my hits are these stunning loose pigments! So shimmery and so pretty for highlight or on the lid. Only €2.50 each! 


As much as I love this it has to be a miss! This is from the liquid lip kits they are doing and for me it’s a great formula and gorgeous colour but as it dries down it goes orange? I really didn’t like it. It’s nice on for 10 minutes but it just goes more orange as it dries which I was so disappointed about! This came with a lip liner and that’s great! I think they lip kits are €4. 

Next up sadly has to be this candy palette. I did a review on this and at the start I really liked it so I tried it again a few days ago and I just thought they colours faded really quick? Now I love the pink highlighter and the champagne eyeshadow but I hated the liquid lipstick! The colour didn’t suit me at all and it didn’t feel nice on my lips, definitely wasn’t the same formula as there other ones! And for €8 I wouldn’t buy it again just for a small highlighter and a smal eyeshadow. 

Same thing with this palette as the last one, loved it at the started but I think the pigment faded away or something. I also found when you’re using it you’ve to layer the shadow about 10 times until it even starts showing on the lid. I’d use a few shadows now and again such as the white and blue but for €8 it’s not worth using 2 shades. 

Lastly this liquid lipstick. Same formula as the red, and from looking  at the package it’s a stunning  nude pink but on the lips it’s like a bright peachy colour? Didn’t suit me at all and was really disappointed because I love the colour!

So that’s it from me let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and  how they worked for you!

Until next time…

Lauren xx 


2 thoughts on “Penneys/Primark Hits&Misses! Part 2, 

  1. I am so glad I read this, I have only seen people talk about the good things in Primark. I am glad you have spoke about the bad things too, I now know which products to avoid aswell as pick up!xo

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