Penneys/Primark Love to Glow review!

Hi everyone! So today I thought I would do a blog post about this skin care range from Penneys (Primark if you’re not from Ireland). I was in penneys a few days ago and seen all these were reduced to only €1 so for €3 altogether I thought why not try them? The thing that stood out to me about these were the words ‘illuminating, brightening and hydrating’. Now since I have dull, dry skin I thought these were going to be so good for my skin. 

So I broke down my opinion on each product so keep scrolling to see my thoughts. 

First up is the instant radiance serum. Now I never tried a serum before but my mam is obsessed with them. So I said to myself I’ll try one too but to be honest I still haven’t a clue what a serum is!😂 All I know is it’s suppose to be good for your skin and you apply is before moisturiser. Now this says ‘instant’ which means it should do what it says first try. So after trying it for the first time I can say it did brighten up my skin and give it a glow which I was impressed with and it’s exactly what I needed. Also it smells so good! Leaves your skin feeling so smooth also. So I would give this a 9/10! One mark off because I’d like the formula to be a bit more thicker! 

Next up is the moisturiser. I love this! It really does hydrate my skin, leaves it looking glowy and brightens up my skin. Perfect! This also smells like the serum so that’s good. It also leaves the skin feeling so smooth! 10/10! 

Lastly, the face mask. Now I love a good facemask I’m obsessed with them! But this one unfortunately didn’t work for me at all. As soon as I applied it, it started burning my face! Not good! So if you have  sensitive skin I would not try this! It applied messy and patchy and just would not try down at all even after 15 minutes. It also disappeared on my skin? Which I thought was weird, I’ll insert some pictures down below so you can see how it was on my skin. But I would  give this a 1/10 just because it smelled nice! 

So as you can see the product just disappeared on my skin? Weird! It acted like a moisturiser more than a face mask! Also it left a really weird colour around where I applied it so I thought it was oil or something coming out I dunno what happened! 

So that’s my thoughts on these products! Loved them expect the face mask unfortunately! Let me know if these worked for you! 

Keep an eye out for my next Penneys hits and misses part 2 coming soon!😉 

Until next time… 

Lauren xx 


10 thoughts on “Penneys/Primark Love to Glow review!

  1. I love primark beauty products I love the makeup, their liquid lipsticks and eye shadow palettes are incredible. I bought the exact facemask but it didn’t really do anything for me , my expectations were ruined… it just didn’t dry or set or anything which was a shame , but you have to try out things because otherwise you’ll never know.. great post.. thanks for uploading it… xxxx

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