Morphe Haul! 

Good evening everyone, I hope you had a great day and if it’s not over for you yet I hope you continue having a great day! 

So during last week I got a letter in the post and I’ve been waiting over a month for this letter and it was exam results! So anyways I passed everything and I am now officially a qualified makeup artist!! Ah I’m so happy and so excited!! I can’t wait to start working with makeup and having a proper job! 

Okay back to the blog, the last 2 weeks has been amazing for me getting makeup stuff! I got 2 new Morphe palettes and a few brushes too. So if you want to see what I got keep scrolling!!:) 

I first received the Morphe 35B palette. 

Isn’t this so beautiful? I just want to create a big rainbow on my face! The colours are so pretty and so pigmented as you can see by the swatches and I already created 2 new looks using this so follow my Instagram and check them out➡️ LaurenKellyMakeup😊 This cost me only €28 including shipping off cloud10 beauty which is an Irish makeup website that stock Morphe and more brands! 

I also got these stunning rose gold makeup brushes. Which I must admit are so good! Any Morphe eye brush is going to be amazing anyways, the contour brush gives you such a straight contour line and blends the powder so nicely and evenly it’s amazing! But with the foundation brush I found it was the same as any other foundation brush with a  flat top, the rose gold just makes it so much prettier. I got these off beauty bay. And 3/4 of them were 40% so they only came to €20. 

I also got these 3 brushes. Isn’t the gold one so cool looking? I love it! My boyfriend actually got me these along with the palette down below because we were together 2 years yesterday! Isn’t he the best?? Now the middle brush and the gold one blends eyeshadow powders so beautifully! But I must admit, the angled brow brush, I didn’t like at all. I might be using it wrong I don’t know but it just didn’t give me that tiny straight line you’d want to shape your brows. If I got the tip of the brush flag enough it would be amazing but I’ll keep working with it! 

Lastly I also got, or should I say my boyfriend got me the stunning limited edition 25B palette! Which I also created a look tonight which is on my Instagram now! As all the Morphe palettes the shimmers are so pigmented and so creamy and easy to apply. The matte shadows blend together so easy and apply so nicely. This was only €24! I’d get this soon before it sells out because it’s stunning even for basic everyday looks or smokey eyes for nighttime. 

So that’s everything Morphe I got over the last 2/3 weeks! Stays tuned for a Kylie Cosmetics Vacation review either tomorrow or Monday! But I’m hoping it arrives tomorrow so cross your fingers and say a prayer for me that it arrives tomorrow cause I’ve been waiting over a month! 

Until next time… 

Lauren xx 


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