How much does all my makeup cost?? 

Good evening everyone! It feels so good to be blogging again I’ve missed it so much! Today’s one is exciting because I added up every single makeup item I own, priced it and added it altogether! This took me roughly a little over an hour to do everything. I am shook at the price to be honest! 

Also a few days ago I received the stunning 35B Morphe palette, so if you want to see a Pride inspired makeup look go check out my Instagram ‘LaurenKellyMakeup’. 😊

So if  you want to see  what makeup items I have, how much each item costs and how much everything costs together then keep on scrolling! Enjoy x 






35P- €150

9N – free 

Smile- $29

Koko K – $29

Kristen- $29

Smooch- $30

Burgundy Palette- $40

Modern Renaissance- $42

Moonchild- $40

Brow Promade- €18



1st Base




Mars -$42

Highlight- strapped $8
Jeffree Star- 

Daddy- €19

Eclipse- €30 

Chrysanthemum- €13 

Prep and prime- €10 

Warm rose highlight- €30

Ruby Woo- €17

Pretty please- €17

Persistence- €17

Gal Friday- €17

Dusky rose x9- €40
Urban Decay

Heavy Metal- distortion- €19

Chill setting spray- €24 

Naked 2,3, smokey- €120 

77 gel eyeliner- €15 

Duraline- €10 

Amc foundation- €24 

49/50 body sparkles- €30 

Contouring&Blush palette(x2)- €30 

Highlighting palette Solstice- €15 

Eyeshadow palette- €15 

Bubble Gun lip scrub- €2.50

Kiss Proof Liquid Lipstick- €4 

Ps lip duo x2- €6

Lip liners x3- €4.50 

Eye lose pigments- €7.50

X3 highlighting powders- €10.50 

Eyeliner corrector pen x2- €2 

Clear lipgloss- €1

Holographic lipgloss- €2 

Strobe cream- €4

Lipsticks x8- €16 

Cotton candy palette- €8 

Prism palette- €6

Brush cleaning spray- €2.50

Dry brush cleaner- €2.50

Ultra shine lipgloss- €4

Glitters- €4
Makeup Revolution 

Redemption palette iconic 3- €7

Blush palette- €11 

Brow palette- €11

Colour corrector palette- €11 

Redemption palette- €7 

Concealer palette- €11 

Cream contour palette- €11 

Baked highlighter- €5

Triple baked highlighter- €6 

Triple baked blush- €6 

Christmas makeup calendar- €60 

Pro HD brow palette- €15 

Brow Promade x2- €15 

Nude illusion loose powder- €7

Even skin tone foundation- €10 

Liquid camouflage concealer x3- €13.50 

Cream concealer- €4 

Glow highlight- €6 

Prime and fine primer x2- €12 

Eyeshadow primer- €5 

Fixing powder- €6 

Lash princess mascara x2- €7

Volume stylist- €3.50

Rock n’ Doll- €3.50 

1 💗 extreme- €3.50

False lash- €3.50 

Velvet matte- €3 

‘All you need is red’ lipstick- €3 

‘Get the look’ -€3

Make me brow -€3.50 

107 eyeliner -€2.50 

101 pencil liner- €2 

Volumeyes -€4

Glitter mascara- €3.50 

Luxurious lashes- €4

Glitter eyeliner- €3

14, 60, 61 Eyeshadows- €14 

Eyeshadow holder- €6 

Lip pencil- €4

Lipsticks x2- €12 
Random bits 

La girl concealer- €5 

Benefit pore fessional- €15 

L’Oréal true match foundation x2- €15 

Rimmel lasting finish- €10

Wet n’wild pressed powder- €5

Rimmel wake me up mascara- €9 

Brow this way- €3 

Rimmel super curler- €8 

NYC city curled- €7 

Collection concealer- €4

Rimmel loose powder- €6 

No.7 foundation- €16 

W7 mascara and eyeliner- €15 

Hide the blemish concealer- €2

L’Oréal mascara and eyeliner- €15 

Rimmel lip liner- €5 

Super volume- €6 

W7 brow parlour- €12 

Seventeen bronzer- €8 

Wet n’wild contour palette- €8

Wet n’wild blush-€3 

Seventeen contour palette-€8

Fushia contour/highlight set- €10 

Wet n’wild single glitter x3- €6

Glitter express- €20 

Fushia eye shimmer- €5

Rimmel lipstick- €7 

So su me highlight palette- €30 

Wet n’wild bronzer- €6 

And that’s everything I own and altogether is costs a massive 1289.50!! 

Also this is not including  my brushes or the new kylie vacation collection I’m waiting on which I will have a  blog post about when it arrives! So keep an eye out for that! 

Did you add up how much your makeup cost? Let me know in the comments! 

Until next time.. 

Lauren xx 


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