New Primark Makeup! Cotton Candy// Review

Hey everyone! A lot has happened in the past week, last Tuesday and Wednesday I did my final makeup exams! I think they went really well in my opinion. I just have to wait for my results to come and hopefully I’ll pass them. 

Anyways as you can tell by the title I will be reviewing the brand now cotton candy Primark makeup collection. Can I just say that the packaging is so stunning? Anything pink I’m immediately drawn to! I didn’t get the whole collection so this is part 1, hopefully part 2 will be up next weekend! 

So let’s get into it! 


This palette is everything! The first 2 swatches are the round highlighters, the pink one has me shook to be honest it’s so pigmented. Also the 3 Eyeshadows feel so creamy and buttery and so smooth. I can’t wait to play with this honestly! I also love the mini liquid lipstick you get I love the colour! Again so pigmented and such a pretty colour. This was €8.

Next is this really deep brown matte lipstick. It has a red undertone but looks so cool. I’ve been obsessed with brown lipsticks lately! Like all the PS lipsticks this is so pigmented and creamy and feels so comfortable on the lips. This was only €2.50. 

This is probably my favourite from everything, this eye shadow pigment is so pretty and pink and girly I love it! It was hard to get a picture of the swatch but you can kind of see it and I’m in love honestly. This was €2.50. 

So that’s everything I got from the collection I only picked up a few stuff incase I didn’t like anything but so far I’m highly impressed and will 100% be getting the rest of the collection and more of that pigment to stock up! 

Penneys makeup is so underrated, it’s so affordable, so creative and there’s lots of stuff to chose from. If you haven’t tried anything you need to honestly the quality is so good for the price. I’m obsessed with the range! 

Until next time… 

Lauren xx 


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