My Makeup Vanity! 

Hi everyone! Totally forgot to upload this earlier but I’m in bed now and I have time to post this before I go to sleep! First thing, please ignore the messy reflection of my room in the mirror! I really need to clean my room.. 
anyways,  I finally have everything bought, set up and ready to go! I’ve been planning to have this for months! It also took me a lot off saving! Also, quick shoutout to my boyfriend who made everything and set everything up and driving me around hours to get everything! So finally this is… My Makeup Vanity!! 

I know it’s not as special as everyone else’s but for me I love it so much and it’s honestly my happy place and somewhere to relax and pass time. 

I got the table in Argos for almost €100 which isn’t bad at all! It’s just plain white with 3 drawers. The mirror came from IKEA and was €19. It took 2 trips to Dublin to get this because they didn’t have it in stock the first time. Lastly, the light strips were €15 each and the bulbs were 2 for €5 I think. 

They’re all the things in the top 2 drawers. The first one is mainly for skincare and my lipsticks and eventually I’ll have like plastic containers  just to divide Makeup like single Eyeshadows, mascara, pigments etc. 

The next drawer is mostly for my palettes such as Morphe, Kylie Cosmetic stuff, ABH etc because there’s no room on the table, honestly this drawer is worth more than my life. 

These are just some things on my table. I have my cotton pads and makeup remover water. 

I have my holders from IKEA and lidl. I just have my face brushes in one, mascaras in the middle and all my eye brushes in the last one. 

I also have a mirror and a large makeup container with makeup in it I’ll make another post about that. 

So that’s really it! So happy to have it all set up and have a blog about it! 

Let me know what’s your vanity like! 


 Lauren xx 


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