Primark Makeup, Hits and Misses! Part 1. 

Hello everyone! Sorry I’ve been away for a while I’ll try to post once or twice a week but it’s so hard when I’ve literally lost all ideas on what to post! Anyways, I decided to do a post on penneys/Primark makeup. Primark makeup has been blooming the past year! And everyone is going crazy. Including me! I always go straight to the makeup when I enter Penneys first. It’s my favourite part because there is always something new! It’s such good quality for the price but not everything agrees with my skin or that! So with these posts I’ll be doing loads because I won’t stop buying PS makeup. And just because some products will be in the ‘miss’ section doesn’t mean it will for you, it just means it hasn’t agreed with me or my skin. So let’s get to it and keep scrolling to see what my hits and misses are on Primark makeup! Enjoy x 
So first I’ll start on my Hits and nearly everything I own is a hit with me to be honest. Let’s start off with there lip stick range. 

Now penneys makeup is mostly known for its lipsticks and lip liners etc. Just because they’re are so good and cheap! These range from €1- €2 each! Which is amazing for the pigment you get. I would honestly use these on clients etc just because they’re so good and you don’t need to go out and spent €10-€20 on a lipstick when you have the PS range. They’re so creamy and so easy to apply also. They also do matte too! 

Don’t these look so cool? It’s a double ended lip product with a lipstick on top and a glitter gloss on the bottom! Now the pigment for the pink glitter isn’t as good on camera but over a soft pink lipstick it looks stunning! Also the brown lipstick doesn’t look as pigment either but the gloss over the brown adds some more colour to the lipstick when applied. I think these were €3 each or €2.50? I’m not sure but really affordable anyways! 

More glosses! Let me just say, the clear gloss is amazing! Best clear gloss ever and smells amazing! It reminds of the smell of Kylie Lip Kits but only €1! Honestly just buy it and smell it because it’s amazing! And it’s so creamy and I just wear it on its own daily because it just looks pretty. I haven’t tried the nude/pink on my lips yet and it was actually my first time swatching the colour and it seems really pigmented and not sticky which is good. So I can’t wait to try that. 

Do I even need to say anything? Yes that €1 eye corrector pen from penneys actually works amazingly and it took off a wax and liquid eyeliner with just 2-3 coats. Perfect for cleaning up your winged liner! 

This is the first lip pencil I bought and it’s so creamy and pigmented and so easy to apply I need to pick up more of these! They are so handy for my makeup kit for clients and my course for practising. And only €1.50 each. 

Now these are my favourite. These are just out the last week and the pigment is unreal. For only €4 they’re amazing. So buttery/creamy. 

Now who can forget these brushes. They’re amazing. So soft and pick up the product so well. I always use these on clients. 

Now this is the only Miss I have, simply because the colour doesn’t match me at all even tho they’re both in the shade ‘light’. I haven’t tried these on my face yet because I don’t see the point when it’s not my colour. 
Also the foundation stick seems very heavy as it’s a cream formula. The foundation was €4 and the illuminating concealer was €3. 

So that’s all for part 1. Stay tuned soon for part 2! 

Lauren xx 


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