Makeup Haul! 

Hi everyone! So I was at the Irish Beauty Show yesterday and for you’s who don’t know what that is it’s a massive show that Ireland hosts twice a year, 2 days in spring and 2 days in autumn. And basically a lot of beauty brands come together and set up there own stalls in a massive hall and people are allowed come in and buy stuff. So brands such as benefit, flomar, Blank Canvas, Crown Brush, Real Tecniques, Makeup Revolution, Cocoa Brown, Glam and Co, Nina brushes and lots more were at it! There’s stalls for makeup, skin care, nails, tan, brushes, glitter, jewellery, anything beauty related it was there! It was amazing! So I bought a few bits and decided I’d show you! So keep scrolling to find out what I got. 

First thing I picked up was this gorgeous pink eye shimmer for only €8! This is by Fushia which is an Irish brand. I never tried there products before but I heard great things about them so I’m excited to try this on my eyes. 

Second thing I picked up were these stunning glitter pigments! There was about 50 different colours to chose from and they were €3 each or 12 for €30 so obviously I got 12 and they’re so stunning and I’m so excited to try these! I’m not sure who they’re by because I was so distracted by all the colours lol 

Next I picked up these brow products for my makeup kit for clients and my makeup course. I’ve  been wanting these for ages but they’re only online and it’s €6 for delivery. So when I saw these I freaked! The Pro HD brow Pallete was €15 in the shade fair-medium and it’s so pigmented!  I’m raging I didn’t pick up 2 of these but Makeup Revolution have a brow Pallete I’m dying to try so I’ll settle for that! I also got 2 brow Promade in the shade Blonde and Medium Brown. They were €7.50 each. 

Lastly by fushia again I got a contour palette with a brown contour in the shade Dark and a highlight in the shade Light. This was €15 and I can’t wait to try these it looks amazing! 

My auntie also bought me the fushia HD foundation. I got the lightest shade cause I’m so pale hahah. They had an amazing deal on this foundation they are normally €30 for 1 but at the show it was 3 for €30! bargain! So I’m excited to try this also! 

So that’s everything I bought! I’m hoping to try these products out tonight or tomorrow and I’ll post my opinion/review the next day I do the look. So tomorrow or Wednesday it’ll be up! 

Also check out my Instagram to see a video of the pigments for a better look! Also feel free to follow me! 

Have a great day! 

Lauren xx 


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