My Dream Vanity!

Hey everyone! So I decided to do something different today because I’m so bored! Anyways if you read my second last post you’ll know I’m getting a new table and mirror and setting up my own makeup vanity area in my room! So I thought why not share my dream vanity area with you guys! 

Now not everything I post here is what I’m getting over the next month but maybe when I get my own house I’ll have my own makeup room and add extra stuff! So let’s get right into it! 

1.) Table/Mirror/Chair 

So these are the main things I would love for my dream vanity! I am getting a similar table and mirror within the next month which I’m super excited for I can’t wait till it’s all set up! Maybe I’ll even make a blog post when it’s all set up? So I’m getting my table and mirror/lights in IKEA but I’m almost 100% you can get that table in the picture in ikea also. I’m not sure where you can get the chair I just found it on google images. And it looks so comfy right?? 

2.) Decorations/ Accesories 

So as you can see I have a lot of decorations to put around my area! 

To start, I would/will have 2 clear makeup holders on my desk to hold all my makeup and so it would be neat and tidy. You can get these in penneys/Primark for really cheap or on eBay, wish etc. 

Next I would have separatures in my drawers to hold more makeup, beauty blenders, cleaning stuff etc. I’m not sure where you can get these so I may start looking out for them! I think this is a really good idea just to have everything organised and not in a huge messy bundle! 

I would also have Makeup Themed canvas’ on my walls and also a quote from Marilyn Monroe on my wall also. I love this because I think it would add colour to the surrounding vanity area and they’re so cute as well who wouldn’t want them?? You can get some canvas’ on eBay some are cheap some are quite pricey but to make your own would be cheaper! You can also get a range of wall stickers that are makeup quotes on eBay for cheap also. 

I love the look of the fairy lights with little pegs to hold photos onto too. I think  this would be a good idea if you’re doing your makeup you can look up and remember all sorts of memories etc. So I would have that on my wall too, you can get these on eBay for cheap enough too but might take a while to come but I’m pretty sure you can get them in Primark for €2/€3. 

Lastly to put on my table I would have these its little white holders for all my brushes/sponges. You can get these from IKEA for only €2.50 each! So pretty and so cheap! And if I have room I would have a small candle, Yankee candles are my favourite! 

3.) Lighting 

Aren’t these just so pretty and classy looking? I know they’re on the pricey side but a girl can dream! And as this is my dream vanity I can put whatever I want into this blog, but I mightn’t get everything lol. I seen these when I was scrolling through . I think these would fit perfectly into a room to tie it together and with everything white that I would like these would be perfect! 

And finally! I would have a ring light stand in my room. This is for when I’m doing clients makeup, I wouldn’t need natural light incase I’m doing someone’s makeup at night time so that light will be perfect. Also I heard it’s great for selfies! 

So that’s my dream vanity area/room! Some of these stuff I am getting and some is me just dreaming and hoping but maybe someday when I have more money! Lol 

If you guys want me to show you my vanity when it’s all set up let me know in the comments! Also, have you a makeup vanity? What’s it like and have you anything I can add to my dream vanity? Let me know! 

Have a great day! Until next time… 

Lauren xx 


7 thoughts on “My Dream Vanity!

  1. I love these little idea’s you’ve collected. To be honest, I have a walk in room with all my clothes and make up. But because I go brush my teeth downstairs and that upstairs the roof is making so much noise, I don’t want to wake the house. This means that I haven’t been able to enjoy my vanity… I’d need to go out and buy another storage for my makeup, because it is growing :D. xoxo Sarah

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