Mini Kylie Cosmetics Haul

Can we just take a moment just to look at that picture please?😩 

Still can’t get over how pretty Kylie’s packaging is! Anyways.. hello everyone! I’m back again with another mini Haul! If you haven’t checked out my mini Morphe Haul check it out! No seriously.. check it out. Lol 

I doubt you want to read a whole load of stuff on this and just want pictures and swatches so if you want that keep scrolling! 

So this is everything I got, unpackaged and opened. I got the limited edition Smooch package from the Valentine collection, the Burgandy palette and Koko K and Kristen liquid lipsticks.  I’ve been wanting Kristen for so so long and I nearly cried what I received this in the post today! I am one happy girl today.. but not so happy because I had to pay €34 for customs! 💔 

Now for the best part.. swatches!! 

These are swatches from the Smooch Collection. In this you get 2 mini liquid lipsticks (one gloss and one matte). From left to right is; Damn Gina, Gorg, In Love and Poison Berry. Aren’t these just the perfect set together? I fell in love with this the second I seen them on Kylie’s story! 

Next is swatches from Kristen and Koko K matte liquid lipsticks. Isn’t Koko K so beautiful? Can’t wait to wear these shades on my lips! The colours are so amazing and so beautiful! I also got 2 lip liners to match because I got the Kit of both and they are so creamy and pigmented! 

Can we take a moment? Seriously? How amazing are these colours from the burgandy palette? Look at the shimmers and that vibrant red colour! Stunning! I think I’ll try do a look using these products next? What do you guys think?😊 let me know! 

And that concludes my Mini Kylie Cosmetics Haul! I hope you died when you seen swatches just like I did! Lol😂 

Let me know in the comments what Kylie products you have and if you managed to get some of the Valentine Collection! 

Also, feel free to tell me how your VALENTINES DAY went! Did you get spoilt and have fun?? 

Lauren xx 


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