Kylie vs. Colourpop vs. Jeffree Star 

Good afternoon everyone! I hope everyone is having a good day so far. Today I was woken by an amazing package from beautybay. I got my very first ever Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick! So instantly I thought to myself I have 3 of (some of) the most well known liquid lipsticks out there. Kylie, Colourpop and now Jeffree star. So I thought, why not try three of them on and see which one is the ultimate liquid lipstick?! And that’s what I did! So keep scrolling and check it out! 😊 

So first up is Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in the shade Smile! This is my very first Kylie liquid lipstick and I love the colour! It’s so pigmented, very easy to apply but I do find it cracks on my lips after a while, maybe it’s cause my lips are dehydrated this time of the year I’m not sure! (Also all these liquid lipsticks have a mattifying effect). 

Next up is my go to Liquid Lipstick by colourpop in the shade Midi. Now when I applied this straight after Kylie’s I did notice this one is much more creamier to apply. But apparently Colourpop and Kylie’s liquid lipsticks are made in the same factory or they have the same formula but I’m not 100% sure but I definalty see a difference with formulas! Same as Kylie’s, very pigmented, gorgeous colour, creamy in texture and easy to apply and sets very quickly! 

Lastly, but certainly not least, is Jeffree Stars liquid lipstick in the shade Chrysanthemum (my birth flower lol). My god what do I have to say about this.. it’s amazing. So pigmented, beautiful colour, you can’t see in the picture but in light it has a gold reflect and it’s just gorgeous colour. So so easy to apply, no cracking, creamy and it honestly feels like nothing is on my lips! It feels so weightless and light! Very impressed with this and I think I found my new go to liquid lipstick.. sorry colourpop! 

So by testing these colours I much prefer Jeffree Stars simply because it doesn’t crack on my lips and feels so weightless! But I will still use my colourpop and Kylie ones because I still love them and the colours are my fav! 

Also, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to upload any makeup looks for a while because I’m getting a new vanity in my room and I’ve literally no mirror and my makeup is all over my floor!😭 and everything won’t be set up until early March sometime 😭 so sorry about that! 

Ps. Stay tuned for a Mini Kylie Cosmetics  Haul coming later this week or early next week! 
That’s all for today! Let me know in the comments what your favourite liquid lipstick! 

Lauren xx 


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