Valentines Inspired Cut Crease 

Hello everyone! Is it that time of year already?? Yes it is.. It’s Valentines! I used to hate valentines because I saw everyone getting chocolates off there boyfriend and I always thought, ‘why don’t I have a boyfriend to give me free chocolate in a cute heart shaped box??’ But this year is my second valentines with my boyfriend and guess what?? Still no chocolate.. 😭 

Anyways I thought I would attempt my very first cut crease and let me tell you.. it wasn’t easy. I really wanted to try a cut crease using pink shadows and since it’s close to Valentines I thought why not?? 

This look was created using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Pallete and gel eyeliner from Inglot no.77. 

And yes I am aware my brows need to be done! 

Anyways that’s all for tonight but before I go would anyone like to see my makeup brush collection? Thinking of doing a blog post about them! Let me know in the comments! 

Lauren xx 


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