Mini Morphe Haul! 

Helloooo everyone!! I’m in such a good mood today because my Morphe palettes arrived! Ahhh I’m so excited! So without further a do here’s what I got and underneath are a few swatches! 

So I got the 9B palette (the top one), the 35F (on the left) and my favourite the 35O (on the right). 

I have been waiting months for these. If you have heard of beauty bay they had them in stock at Christmas and sold out within a few minutes and I was so sad! But I got an email on Saturday saying Cult Beauty restocked and I got them! I begged my boyfriend to get them because I had no money at the time😂 I got the 9B Pallete for free because on there website if you but 2 Morphe Palettes you get that blush one for free. Altogether I paid like £55 pounds which would be €61. And they came so fast also. 

Anyways here’s swatches!! 

A few from the 35F palette. 

35O swatches. 

9B swatches. 

So as you can see they’re all very pigmented especially the shimmer ones! 

So I’m off to play around with these palettes! I’ll be uploading a makeup look on my makeup Instagram account ‘Laurens.Makeup’ sometime today so go follow my account and keep an eye out or wait until tomorrow and I’ll be uploading here! 

What’s your favourite Morphe Pallete or product?? Let me know!! 

Have a nice day! 

Lauren xx 


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