Purple Smokey Eye

Good evening or morning or afternoon everyone! The last few weeks I have been so stressed and so bored! I’ve been trying ages to get the makeup course I wanted and I finally got a place! It starts 1st February and goes on for 16 weeks and I can’t wait because at the end I’ll finally be a qualified makeup artist. So now I can finally relax and possibly post more! 

So today I went for a purple Smokey Eye just for practice. 

I used one of my favourite Morphe palettes the 35P on the eyes. For eyeliner I used the inglot gel eyeliner number 77. For highlight I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills moonchild Highlighting palette. Also for my brows I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Promade in the shade soft brown. 

Also, make sure to follow my makeup account on Instagram ‘Laurens.Makeup’ and add my makeup account on snapchat ‘laurenkmakeup’ 😊😊 please let me know if you followed or added and I’ll make sure to follow back! 

If you have any questions comment below and as always, have a nice day! 

Lastly, stay tuned for a mini Morphe Haul coming soon!!

Lauren xx 


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