Colourpop Haul! 

Afternoon everyone! So finally… after a long 2 weeks of waiting my colorpop order is finally here! I was so excited to get this because I just loved what I ordered and the colours are amazing.. and the highlighted.. damn it’s pigmented! 

So this is what I got yesterday. Each lipgloss/matte lipid lipstick was $6 and the highlighter was $8. Altogether I spent I think it was €47? And I got free shipping also. So from top to bottom the shades are; (first 4 are matte, last 3 are glosses)

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Midi- which is a beautiful nude colour. Perfect for your nude collection if you have one. 

1st Base- I love this. Anywhere I see a nude/pink colour I need to have it I’m obsessed! Most of my lippies are pink anyways but all different colours and undertones. So I might do a post just about my pink lippies?? 

Seesaw- I was mostly excited to get this one because it’s just gorgeous. It was the first one I put in my card and I love it! It reminds me of Kylie’s LipKit Smile that I have. It’s really pink and so pretty. 

Mars- I was so excited when I seen this on the website because it’s exactly like the colour Okurrr from the Koko Collection by Kylie Cosmetics. Except your saving lots of money since this was only $6. It’s such a bright pinky/red colour. Perfect for a night out. 

Thotful- This is such a pretty pink and so bright and pigmented too. This would look perfect over 1st Base I think because they’re like the same colour but ones matte and ones a gloss. 

Catalina- This is a really purple/lilac gloss. I’m not sure if I would wear it because I’m not really mad about purple colours but maybe if I come out of my comfort zone I might. Need to get away from pinks someday! Hahah 

Nonsense- Oh My God.. this shade.. wow. I didn’t expect it to come as a glitter gloss and it’s so pretty! It seems like a clear gloss but it looks like it’s a purple gloss because there’s so much glitter in it and so shiny. This would actually look so cool on top of Catalina. 

Strapped- This highlighter is the coolest one I own. It’s not a powder base or a cream base. It’s so weird if feels like a soft rubber/butter feeling? It’s so cool I love it. And the pigment is unreal.. I love this shade it’s a rose gold/copper shade and would be perfect for summer or autumn time. 

So that’s my Haul! Hope you enjoyed it and I’m off to mess around and try looks with these lippies! 

Have a good day! 

Lauren xx