Morphe 35T Makeup Look

Hello everyone. Been posting less recently so sorry about that! I just never know what to blog about! But I was really bored today so decided to try out a look using my new Morphe Palette that I got for my birthday. If you would like to see what other makeup stuff I got for my birthday check out my previous post! 

This is the look I created. I used purple colours for transition colour in my crease and darkened my outer corner with a dark purple and used a very pigmented gold on my lid. On my brows I used the ABH DipBrow Promade in the shade ‘soft brown’. 

Here is just a close up pic of the eye and the brow. There is a bit of fallout from the Eyeshadows as you can see but it’s nothing to worry about! 

Overall I am happy with it. I just wished my camera would capture the colour and the pigment more! 

If you would like to know what products I used on my face comment! 

Also, do you think I should make a makeup snapchat? So I can show people live how I do my makeup and what products I use?? Let me know! 

Don’t forget to follow my makeup Instagram ‘Lauren’’ 

Have a good day! 

Lauren xx 


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