Birthday Beauty Haul// part 2! 

Hello everybody! So I finally got everything together for this post! I really hope you enjoy this post and my previous one. I had a really good birthday and I’m so grateful for everything I got. So let’s just get straight to it!! 

So I got these in Primark. I love earrings! I’m obsessed! In my left ear I have 4 piercings and in my right I have 6. Primark earrings are really cheap but they do go a weird colour after a few wearing but I don’t mind that because they’re so cheap. I got 2 packets of 6 pairs of earrings, silver and pink. I also got a cool copper/rose gold pair with silver diamonds on them that hand under your lobe. These were €3 each so for 13 pairs that’s a bargain! I also got hair clips for €1.50 I think? I just thought they were really cute. 

Picked up these few bits. (Left to right): I got a nail polish holder. So when you’re paining your nails it’s a ring holder for your polish so that’s really handy for me because I paint my nails on my bed and my back gets so sore leaning over to my locker. I got this for €2.50. I also got beauty blenders from the brand essence. These are really good for under the eye concealers. You get 4 in a packet and I think they’re so cute in a heart shape. I would really recommended these because they’re so soft and easy on the face. Next I got face cleansing pad. These are so good for dry skin because it takes off extra flaky skin. I have tried cleansing pads before but no the PS brand so I can’t wait to try this. Lastly I got another pair of marble fake nails. I’m in love with these! They’re so gorgeous and I love them and for €1.50 that’s just amazing. 

This was the surprise my mam got me for my birthday! It arrived today and I’m so excited I can’t wait for December! I hate that I have to wait a while but it’s going to be worth it with makeup surprises everyday. 

Can we just take a moment to see how pretty this is? It’s the Morphe 35T! Funny story, my boyfriend gave me money to get this but I was suppose to get the 35F! And I was so upset but when it arrived I fell in love! The colours are so pigmented and there’s so many glitters my heart stopped when I swatched the colours! For only €25.50 I don’t know why everyone doesn’t have one. If you would like swatches comment below. 

These are the brushes I got. I did try the Cocoa Brown brushes and they’re so good! The foundation brush leaves a flawless finish and the contour brush leaves a soft finish also. I haven’t tried the Primark brush on the left but I’ll try it soon. I just have an obsession with makeup brushes. Both of these were under €10. 

I got this makeup holder in Primark also for €7! I couldn’t believe it! I thought I was going to pay €15-€20. I can’t wait to fill it up with my new makeup. 

These are the makeup bits I picked up in Primark. I love the Primark lipsticks I think they’re so affordable, so creamy and long lasting. If you don’t have one you need one! I spotted the gold lipglosses and thought they were only lipglosses but it’s double ended! It has a lipstick at the other end too and I can’t get over the pigment! The lipsticks were all €3 or under. I picked up a few pieces for Catrice too. Catrice is a really good drugstore makeup brand. I love love the concealer! I’ve been looking for this for ages because it went out of stock for ages and when I seen it I had to pick it up. It was around €5. I finally got the Catrice highlighter too and I’m obsessed. You need it to see the pigment and shine. And I finally got a primer for dry skin which I suffer from. 

My mam also me these. It’s W7 eye kit with a liquid eyeliner, mascara and eye liner stick. The mascara is the exact same as the benefit real eye mascara but for cheaper. I also got L’Oreal eye kit too. The mascara is amazing and the liquid eyeliner has gold shimmer going through it too which is so unusual so I’m excited to try it out. 

So that’s everything beauty wise I got for my birthday! Again I’m so grateful for everything I got. I’m so sorry it’s so long I seem to rant a lot hahah. If you would like any swatches or reviews or prices please let me know! Also if you want to be friends on Snapchat add me ‘hey-imlaurenxo’ and follow my insta ‘laurennkellyy_’ 🙂 

Also stay tuned and follow me for a ColorPop Haul really soon! 

Lauren xx 


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