Primark/Penneys Haul, Birthday Edition Part 1! 

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re all having a good day so far. So it was my birthday yesterday! I turned 19 and I had an amazing day! I got so spoilt especially from my Mammy! So I just thought I would share with everyone what I got. Now I got ALOT of stuff, especially from primark. Between me and my mam we spent almost €200! So what I decide to do was split this into a part 1 and part 2. Part one will be mainly clothes and stuff like that and part 2 will be makeup, beauty things, jewellery, hair accessories and mainly that kind of stuff. The reason why I’m not doing the beauty one until Monday/Wednesday is because my mam got me a surprise and she said it was makeup and that’s arriving Monday and my boyfriend got me a Morphe Palette and that won’t be here until sometime next week either. So stay tuned for Part 2, it’ll be huge! But first here’s part 1. Enjoy. 

This was the first thing I put in my basket. I loved it as soon as I layed eyes on it and had to have it. I tried it on and it’s so super comfy! This was around €12 which I was surprised I thought it would be around €20! Super happy with this. 

How could I leave penneys without getting anything got to do with Harry Potter? I seen this on the Primark snapchat story and was praying the were in Primark for my birthday and they were! They were €6 and they’re so soft and fluffy and comfy. In love! 

So every time I go to penneys I always pick up a pyjamas. The past few weeks they have been Harry Potter ones so I was really looking forward to getting a new HP pyjamas. But unfortunately they only had size small in everyone type of HP pyjamas, I was so angry. So I spotted this pyjamas and it was perfect! My family always give out that I’m in my pyjamas at like 4pm so I can just point to the slogan now and tell them I have ‘nothing to wear’. I love this because I never owned anything spotty and the top and glitter on it too and for €10 I couldn’t leave it there! 

I got this backpack for €8 which is really cheap in my opinion. I got this mainly for my holidays next year in May. I’m going to lanzarote. I picked it up early just because they might not have it in store next may and I just love this. I love the spotty design in the inside, I love the colour pink and I really love the cute fluffy pompom key ring. 

I picked up this cute little t-shirt for only €3.50 it just has a design of X’s and O’s which I thought was really cute. 

I’m going out for dinner Saturday for my birthday so I wanted a new top. I seen this and loved it. It’s white and silkey and comes off the shoulder and goes back into a short sleeve top. I just found that so cool I never owned something like that before. I can’t remember the price I think it was under €10 anyways. 

I picked up a new pair of black jeans because why not? I find with the primark jeans the more you wash them the more the colour fades and they shrink? But I don’t mind that, it gives me an excuse to go back to primark! These were either €12 or €13 which wasn’t bad at all. These also come in lots of different colours, I have grey, white, blue and now black they’re just so comfy. 

So I didn’t get this in Primark. I got this as a present from my Auntie and just thought it was really cool I just had to show you guys. If you heard of ‘adult colouring therapy’ you’ll know what this is. If not, colour therapy is mainly therapy for yourself. If your stressed or having a bad day therapist say colouring is a great way to relive stress and to get your mind of things. These colouring books have been so popular the past 2 years, nearly everyone I know has one! I have at least 6 colouring books. I just love them they’re so good for taking your mind off things and you get a pretty picture at the end. Not sure where she got this or how much I didn’t ask because it was a present. 

So that’s all I got in Primark (clothes wise). I really can’t wait to do part 2! It’s going to be huge! So please watch out for that! 

Hope you have a good day and enjoyed this post! 

Lauren xx 


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