October Makeup Buys

Hellooo everybody! Okay to make up for the awful Harley Quinn post I decided to do a October Makeup Buys tag! This month was probably my favourite month for makeup. I got lots of stuff I’ve been wanting for a while! 

So as you all know (or those who don’t), I got a Kylie Lip Kit at the start of the month in the shade Smile. I love this colour and this product! It also smells amazing! 

I also got 12 eyeliner/lip liners for €5. A girl in my town sells makeup and she had a deal on these so I just got them because I don’t really have lipliners so for €5 I couldn’t not buy them. They are also really pigmented and are so creamy too which is really good. I also got the Mac Brush off her as well I’m not sure what number it is and it was only €5 so it’s obviously not real and I didn’t realise it was Mac until I got it off her. (Picture taken from Instagram ‘Laurens.Makeup’ feel free to follow!😊) 

And in the top picture I got the Revolution iconic 3 eyeshadow palette. It’s really similar to the Naked 3 and that’s my favourite palette just because I love pinks. This was under €6 and I just love it. I bring it to my makeup course instead of my Naked 3 because that’s a bit too pricey to be using so frequently. 

I also got the Mac x9 eyeshadow kit. To be honesty I was disappointed when this arrived. I just thought it was really small and the pigment isn’t as good as I thought it would be. For almost €40 I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. 

I got the No.7 Stay Perfect Foundation. This is my favourite foundation I tried out! It’s my holy grail foundation! It’s medium coverage and is suitable for dry skin which I have and I don’t have any flakey bits or it doesn’t cake over time and I love it. This was €20 in Boots and I’m defiantly getting this again! 

I got the Revolution Colour Corrector Cream Palette. I got this because I have really red rosey cheeks. Especially coming into winter for some reason. I also know green corrector tones down redness on your face and it’s such a life saver this time of the year for me! I couldn’t find just one green shade so I just got the palette incase I’m doing someone else’s makeup and they needed a different colour and for €8 it’s really affordable. 

I also got the Revolution Ultra Brow Arch and Shape pen. This was around €5/€6. I got this around 2 weeks ago and I always find myself picking this up instead of my other Brow products. It’s just so easy to work with and so creamy and pigmented and for the price I think it’s really good. Overall, I’m really impressed with the Revolution Makeup Range. It’s so cheap and there products are so good. 

Lastly, I picked up the Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer in the shade Fair 1. I usually wear Catrice Concealer but I ran out and couldn’t find it anywhere! So I picked this up because it was  €6 just like the Catrice and it’s equally as good! Maybe even better! This also lasts up to 16 which it’s great for nights out or going out anywhere. 

So that’s all the bits I got this month! Autumn and October was really fun this year with Halloween and starting my journey to becoming a makeup artist and just buying makeup! And it’s Winter now and it’s my Birthday Month! I’m so so excited for my birthday! 

Really hoped you enjoyed this post better than my last one! Until next time… 

Lauren xx 


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