Hi everyone! Just decide I’d do my makeup using the Kylie Lip I got in the shade Smile. 

When I first applied this matte lipstick I didn’t like it. It was clumpy when it set and just cracked on my lips I don’t know what happened. But I took it off and applied it again and it was much better. It applied so smoothly and feels so light on your lips and it’s very pigmented! And plus it smells amazing! I must admit though at the inner part of my Lip like almost in my mouth it is clumpy and feels a little bit uncomfortable. 

I wouldn’t rate this 10/10 more like 7/10 just because it gets a bit clumpy. That’s my opinion though, it might be different for other people so don’t let my opinion stop you from purchasing one! 

I, myself, will be puraching another one soon just to see if another shade is like Smile but I really hope not! 

I always use ls the naked palette 2 on my eyes. 

If you have any questions please ask away! 

Lauren xx 


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