The Liebster Tag! 

Hello everyone! Really excited to do this post. My first tag! The Liebster Tag! Hope you enjoy it! x 

I was nominated to do this Tag by one of my favourite Bloggers, her name is Ingrid. (I don’t know how to tag people I’m sorry😂). You can find her at ‘’. Please check her blog out she is so creative and such a kind-hearted person.💕 

Okay so here it goes; 


  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Provide the rules of the award/tag. 
  • Answer questions provided by the nominator. 
  • Provide 5-10 questions to your nominees. 
  • Nominate 3-10 blogs. 
  • Give 10 facts about you. (Optional). 

Question 1, 

What is your most beloved pair of shoes?

These would be my most loved shoes. I got these a little over a year ago for my debs (Irish term for prom). I just love them so much because they’re so glittery and when I wear them I feel like a princess. 

Question 2, 

Describe yourself in 3 words. 

If I were to describe myself in 3 words I would pick; 

  • Laid back
  • Easy going
  • Caring

I picked these words because I’m a very care free/laid back person. I love relaxing, I’m never rushing around and I’m just a chilled person. Also I feel like I’m easy going because anyone can talk to me about anything and I wouldn’t judge, even a stranger can talk to me and I’d have a good conversation. Also I feel like I’m a caring person especially to the people I care about most, such as my family, friends and boyfriend. 

Question 3, 

If you could visit any place in the world where would it be? 

This is a hard question. I’d love to travel all over the world! But I picked two places that I’d like to visit. 


I visited this beautiful city twice already, when I was 6 and 8. I would love to go back simple because I’m obsessed with the city and the Eiffel Tower. I can’t really remember it much so yeah I’d go here. 

Bora Bora 

I mean come on! Who wouldn’t want to go here! It’s like heaven on earth. I already picked this place for my honeymoon! (I’m not even engaged yet!) I’ve wanted to go here for years and it’s on my bucket list to go here. 

Question 4, 

What kind of clothes will you be wearing most this fall? 

To be honest I’m not really a big fashion person. When it comes to fall I wear over sized hoodies, jeans, boots, leggings, big winter jacks and of course fluffy socks!! 

Question 5, 

If you could meet one historical person, who would it be? 

I thought long and hard about this question and I always found myself thinking about the same person. Anne Frank. I’ve always had a keen interest in her life and about the holocost. I just found it so interesting even in school I loved learning about her and her life. 

I really hoped you enjoyed my answers! Here are my questions for my nominees and the blogs I nominated.  

My questions; 

1. What was your favourite childhood memory? 

2. Who is your favourite YouTube blogger and why? 

3. What makeup look will you be wearing this fall? 

4. If you could invent a beauty product what would it be and why? 

5. Who is your insperation? 

6. What is your number one holy grail product? 

7. If you could have any pet in the world, what would it be? 

My nominees; 

  • Ell Rachel
  • Sophia Patel
  • Colour Those Lips 
  • BethXKate 

    Please make sure to check out these blogs. I love reading there posts and they are super creative. Also you do NOT have to do this tag, I just thought it would be fun to do and to learn a little bit more about the people I’m following.😊

    I’m going to do the 10 facts about me in a different post because I feel like this one is long enough!😂 

    So that’s all for me today, I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to check out all the blogs I mentioned today! 

    Have a nice day! 

    Lauren xx 


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